Sneak Preview: “Machorka-Muff” by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

In honor of Jean-Marie Straub’s 86th birthday, and our upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release of Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, we’re streaming the landmark short film Machorka-Muff, his first collaboration with Danièle Huillet, for one week only, and for free.

18 minutes

A powerful, almost surreal distillation of a story by Heinrich Böll, Straub-Huillet’s debut work concerns a former Nazi colonel who takes advantage of his political and sexual status in post-war Germany.

Please note that the sneak preview ended on 1/15/19. Machorka-Muff is available on our Blu-ray and DVD of Moses and Aaron.


The Blu-ray and DVD of the new digital restoration of Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach will be available on January 29.