The Films of Heinz Emigholz

The Films of Heinz Emigholz

Germany / 2003 - 2017 / Various / NR

For the past two decades, German filmmaker Heinz Emigholz has dedicated himself to an ambitious series of documentaries that focus on the work of visionary 20th century architects. Disavowing traditional voice-over commentary, Emigholz reduces his soundtrack to ambient sounds and the acoustic experience of the spaces he explores. Refusing any single master shot, Emigholz offers a montage of carefully chosen architectural details that lead the viewer through a given building and towards a new appreciation of the light and space crucial to these architects’ visions.


Grasshopper is proud to present five films by Heinz Emigholz: Streetscapes [Dialogue]ParabetonPerret in France and AlgeriaDieste [Uruguay] and Goff in the Desert.



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  • Director

    Heinz Emigholz

  • Producer

    Filmgalerie 451

  • "Emigholz’s groundbreaking and spellbinding architectural films are, quite simply, cinematographic re-enactments of the immediate experience of spaces.... He dissects the interior and exterior of a building, allowing the viewer to experience being there and, by studying a career of an architect, construct a biography solely based on the works, free of commentary."

    Cinema Scope
  • "Emigholz is the world’s most acute observer of architecture.... The visual pleasure of his work is in its accumulating information – not only seeing and comprehending each building as it appears, but also comparing a given architect’s successive buildings, as if the viewer is in an ever-moving gallery."

  • "An illuminating documentary on Italian architecture that casts a steadily entrancing spell… The latest in an ongoing series of exquisite architecture documentaries by German veteran Heinz Emigholz.”

    Hollywood Reporter

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