The Academy of Muses

The Academy of Muses

Jose Luis Guerin / 2015 / 92 minutes / Spain

A university professor teaches a class on muses in art and literature as a means of romancing his female students in this breathtaking new film from José Luis Guerín, director of the widely heralded In the City of Sylvia. Part relationship drama, part intellectual discourse, the film centers on a philology professor — played by actual philology professor Raffaele Pinto — and the women surrounding him: his wife and students. But as each and every player engages in debates — concerning, among other things, art, the artist’s perspective, and male-female dynamics — Guerín focuses as much attention on the slippery boundary between documentary and fiction, in turn engaging with an evolving narrative, increasingly complex character dynamics, and an endlessly vivid emotional journey.



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  • “Sensational. An unexpected crowdpleaser.”

  • "[A] beguiling mixture of intellectual discourse and emotional rollercoaster."

    The Hollywood Reporter
  • "Consistently amusing, frequently stimulating, and occasionally erotic."

    The House Next Door
  • “A dazzling achievement. An intimate, romantic intrigue of words passed between teacher and student, husband and wife, friend and foe.”

  • “Lovely and elegant. A very witty, exquisite, and inquisitive experience.”

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