Romania / 2021 / 104 minutes / Not Rated

In a gripping tale of best intentions gone wrong, leading Romanian filmmaker Radu Muntean (Tuesday, After Christmas) follows a trio of well-meaning aid workers from Bucharest on a food delivery mission to the rural hinterlands of the Întregalde area of Transylvania. Guided off the beaten path by an elderly villager looking for a local sawmill, they find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar, dangerous place and facing the outer limits of their goodwill for each other and for strangers. An inquiry into the contemporary humanitarian impulse that moves like a suspense thriller—but which never quite goes where you expect it to—Muntean’s film knowingly plays off and subverts conventions of both horror films and social realist drama.

  • Director

    Radu Muntean

  • "Intregalde is riveting. At once darkly comic, tense and humanizing. Achingly beautiful. Exquisitely layered writing.”

    — Caspar Salmon, Sight & Sound
  • “A sharply drawn and subtle fable. Devastatingly witty. At once Immaculately subtle and fiendishly clever.”

    — Christopher Gray, Slant
  • “Romanian cinema takes a trip into the dark woods... A road movie – or rather, a muddy-track movie – that teases us with the possibility that it may become a survival drama or a Blair Witch-style chiller.”

    — Jonathan Romney, Screen

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