Ulrich Köhler / 2002 / 85 minutes


A major work of the celebrated Berlin School, the debut of Ulrich Köhler (In My Room) is a mesmerizing portrait of a young German soldier named Paul who goes AWOL and returns to his childhood home in the countryside. Over a few summer days, Paul evades the responsibilities of everyday life and falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, disrupting the lives of everyone in his circle. With Köhler’s penchant for deadpan humor and subtle performances, Bungalow becomes a quiet mockery of militarism, familial estrangement, and youthful ennui. New 4K Restoration.

  • “Critic’s Pick! Köhler’s first film, newly available in the U.S., is a secretive and beautifully observant study of teenage disaffection.”

    — Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times
  • "One of the most quintessential of all Berlin School films."

    — Marco Abel, author of The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School
  • "Resembles ’70s pics like Five Easy Pieces. Perfs are excellent all around, with Dogma-like naturalism never pushed to any showy effect."

    — Ken Eisner, Variety
  • "Considerably more complicated than the love triangle it might seem on its surface. Concludes ambivalently and ingeniously."

    — Ross McDonnell, Sight & Sound
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