Valentyn Vasyanovych / 2020 / 108 minutes / Ukraine

Ukraine’s official selection for the 2021 Academy Awards, Valentyn Vasyanovych’s haunting and suddenly-prescient sci-fi feature Atlantis envisions a Russian invasion of his country, and its aftermath. Eastern Ukraine, 2025. A desert unsuitable for human habitation. Water is a dear commodity brought by trucks. A Wall is being build-up on the border. Sergiy, a former soldier, is having trouble adapting to his new reality. He meets Katya while on the Black Tulip mission dedicated to exhuming the past. Together, they try to return to some sort of normal life in which they are also allowed to fall in love again.


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  • “An electrifying post-apocalyptic vision…. One of the most jaw-dropping shots of the year... Absolutely deserving of the biggest canvas possible — it’s a world you want to live in.”

    — Ryan Lattanzio, Indiewire
  • “Riveting. A fearfully powerful feature. Mr. Vasyanovych’s approach is literally and figuratively visionary.”

    — Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
  • “Critic’s Pick! Vasyanovych’s style is informed by both Kubrick and early Jim Jarmusch.”

    — Glenn Kenny, The New York Times
  • “Dazzling, strange, tragic, comic, touching and eventually optimistic. Masterful.”

    — Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times
  • Atlantis is stunning to watch. A remarkable piece of filmmaking from an exciting emerging Eastern European voice."

    — Nikki Baughan, Screen
  • “Like some kind of unholy amalgamation of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker and Sergei Loznitsa’s Donbass, Atlantis imagines a futuristic, liberated Ukraine that nevertheless is in ruins.”

    — Daniel Gorman, InReview Online
  • "The film’s use of scale to drive home the absurdity of its characters’ actions recalls Werner Herzog’s tragicomic existentialism."

    — David Robb, Slant
  • "A strong piece of poetically pure art-house cinema that offers a ray of hope for humanity’s future."

    — Dennis Harvey, Variety
  • “Dark yet humanly luminous.”

    — Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter
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