April 2020

Single Take: David Cale on “Paris, Texas”

The playwright and Light From Light actor looks back at the pleasure and surprise of going to the movies; in particular, one revelatory showing of Wim Wender's classic at the Paris Theatre in New York City.

January 2020

Single Take: Lynne Sachs on Jean-Luc Godard

Having just completed her new film, the director reflects on the decades-long impact Godard has had on her creative process, recalling first-time viewings of Vivre Sa Vie, Notre Musique, and others.

September 2019

Single Take: Patrick Wang on “A Borrowed Life”

The director of A Bread Factory describes watching what would become his favorite film, Wu Nien-jen’s A Borrowed Life, at the Musuem of the Moving Image in Queens, and the conversation it inspired with fellow filmgoers on the subway ride home.

January 2019

Single Take: Dane Komljen on “My Own Private Idaho”

The director of All the Cities of the North recalls watching Gus Van Sant's beguiling drama as a young boy, on a borrowed VHS tape, while his country was descending into war.

October 2018

Single Take: Antonio Mendez Esparza on “The Earrings of Madame De…”

The award-winning director of Life and Nothing More remembers watching Max Ophul's haunting masterwork in Andrew Sarris' film class.

June 2018

Single Take: João Dumans on the short films of Jem Cohen

The co-director of Araby recounts the magic atmosphere that surrounded the screening of Jem Cohen's short films at the Belo Horizonte Short Film Festival in Brazil.

Single Take: Affonso Uchôa on “Yaaba”

The co-director of Araby recalls a particularly transformative moment for him and his non-professional cast while watching Idriss Ouédraogo's Yaaba at a theater in Belo Horizonte.

March 2018

Single Take: Sadaf Foroughi on “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

The writer-director of the upcoming Ava recalls watching a banned copy of the Mike Nichols drama as a young girl during the Iran-Iraq war.

October 2017

Single Take: Kleber Mendonça Filho on “Prince of Darkness”

The director of Neighboring Sounds and Aquarius on discovering a John Carpenter classic at the Art-Palacio cinema, an old movie palace in Recife.

September 2017

Single Take: Wheeler Winston Dixon on “Four Nights of a Dreamer”

The author of "A Short History of Film" shares his love of a lesser-seen Bresson masterpiece he first watched at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York.