April 2018

Essays: Joseph O’Neill on “Escapes”

The PEN/Faulkner Award-winning author of Netherland extols the virtues of Michael Almereyda's essay-biopic.

March 2018

Essays: Dennis Lim on “Nocturama”

The critic, programmer and author of David Lynch: The Man From Another Place considers Bertrand Bonello's terrorism thriller.

December 2017

Essays: Jonathan Rosenbaum on “Casa de Lava”

The esteemed film critic and author looks at Pedro Costa's "strongest film" and its place in the director's body of work as well as the wider cinematic landscape.

November 2017

Essays: Ted Fendt on “Moses and Aaron”

The author of "Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet" discusses the contemporary and political references hidden in the filmmaking duo's masterful biblical tale.

December 2016

Essays: Joaquim Pinto on working with Raul Ruiz (pt.2)

In this second installment of on set recollections, Joaquim Pinto discusses adapting his methods to Ruiz's working style.

Essays: Joaquim Pinto on working with Manoel de Oliveira (pt.1)

The director of What Now? Remind Me reflects on his time as a sound engineer with the filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira.

August 2016

Essays: Alex Ross Perry on “Kate Plays Christine”

The director of Listen Up Philip and Queen of Earth on the Sundance winning documentary Kate Plays Christine from Robert Greene, a friend, and editor of his films.

June 2016

Essays: Letters by Robert Frank

Four short letters from the famed photographer/filmmaker, compiled by Laura Israel, written in 1969 New York City, read (potentially) by Christopher Walken.

Essays: Dan Sallitt on “The Girl in the Rumor”

The director of The Unspeakable Act considers, perhaps, Mikio Naruse's darkest film, the 1935 masterwork The Girl in the Rumor.