Watch: “Take What You Can Carry” by Matt Porterfield

A film by Matt Porterfield
30 minutes
Rent: $1.99 | Buy: $5

Take What You Can Carry, the new short film by Putty Hill and I Used to Be Darker writer-director Matt Porterfield, is an intimate, carefully measured study of communication and the complexities of living abroad.

“Matt Porterfield’s first work shot and set outside Baltimore is a delicate portrait of a young woman named Lilly (Hannah Gross) living in Berlin, attempting to reconcile her need for a stable sense of self-identity with the fulfillment she derives from her itinerant lifestyle. Porterfield channels his gift for composition and subtle psychologizing into a distinctive take on French writer Georges Perec’s essay ‘Species of Spaces’ — in particular, Perec’s assertion that, because places inevitably change, ‘space becomes a question, ceases to be self-evident… I have to conquer it.'” — Art of the Real

* Official Selection, Berlin Film Festival
* Opening Night, Art of the Real, Film Society of Lincoln Center
* Official Selection, AFI Fest

Watch now:


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The free stream period for Take What You Can Carry ended on March 2, 2017.