Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors

Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors

Hong Sangsoo / 2000 / 126 minutes / South Korea

When filmmaker Youngsoo introduces his wealthy gallery owner friend Jaehoon to another friend, the female television writer Soojung, the table is set for a complicated love triangle—a situation that repeatedly fascinates Hong Sangsoo, which at times garners him comparisons to Éric Rohmer. Documenting the resulting emotional tug-of-war with his usual light touch and acuity, Hong’s third film launched Lee Eunju as a star in South Korea and is perhaps the finest cinematic memorial to the departed actress.


New digital restoration with a new and improved English subtitle translation. 


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  • "This early film from a director who has now made over twenty more is one of his most radical."

    — A.S. Hamrah, The Baffler
  • "Hong is a filmmaker in full control. Virgin is never less than engrossing, and, true to its devious, fragmented construction, is even more rewarding the second time."

    — Jonathan Romney, The Guardian
  • "Highly engaging, dryly humorous. Lee is a striking screen presence."

    — Derek Elley, Variety

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