The Strange Mister Victor

The Strange Mister Victor

France / 1938 / 103 min. / New 4K Restoration

Monsieur Victor (Raimu) is a good man, double-crossed by a gangster who stabs his accomplice to death and lets the respected shopkeeper take the rap. Or so everyone thinks. Seven years later, the truth comes out.

  • Director

    Jean Grémillon

  • Cast

    Madeleine Renaud
    Pierre Blanchar

  • “To come across the films of classic French filmmaker Jean Grémillon is like discovering another country, at once familiar and unaccountably new... THE STRANGE MISTER VICTOR stars the inimitable Raimu, one of France's most formidable actors… The film's mixture of sunlight and shadow, the dark and the comic, is more unsettling than you might expect.”

    Los Angeles Times
  • “The greatest actor who ever lived.”

    — Orson Welles on Raimu