The Human Surge 3

The Human Surge 3

Eduardo Williams / 2023 / 121 min. / Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Peru

Different groups of friends wander in a rainy, windy, dark world. They spend time together, trying to get away from their depressing jobs, meandering constantly towards the mystery of new possibilities.

  • Director

    Eduardo Williams

  • A film in which, over two hours, the maverick Argentinian virtuoso quietly blows up and rebuilds the established language of cinema in challenging but ultimately exhilarating ways.

    — Neil Young, Screen Daily
  • Proudly immune to narrative conventions, The Human Surge 3 doesn’t just ape an aesthetic that’s become so prominent in our screen-mediated lives, but wonders what can be built upon it.

    — Leonardo Goi, The Film Stage
  • While its globe-trotting sense of wonder shows the joys of offline existence to be as profound and vivid as they ever were, its simultaneous sense of boundless possibility and stagnant futility recalls nothing so much as the chaotic, alienating realm of cyberspace that both birthed and shaped it.

    — David Robb, Slant Magazine
  • Three and a half stars (our of four)! To call it dreamlike might be oversimplifying but the sensation is that of a heightened reality.

    — Carlos Aguilar,
  • A dazzling coup de cinema.

    — Lawrence Garcia, Reverse Shot