Slow Machine

Slow Machine

USA / 2020 / 72 minutes / NR

Stephanie, a restless and vibrant actress, meets Gerard, an NYPD counter-terrorism specialist who’s an aficionado of experimental theater (and maybe out of his mind). Flirtation ensues, ends disastrously, and forces Stephanie to the ramshackle upstate home of musician Eleanor Friedberger, yet this supposed escape is infected by violent memories of her past life. A miniature epic of paranoia, espionage, subterfuge, music, and performance captured on lush and invigorating 16mm, Slow Machine heralds major new talent.

  • Director

    Paul Felten & Joe DeNardo

  • Producer

    Kyle Hepp
    Shrihari Sathe
    Caroline von Kuhn
    Alex Witherill

  • Cast

    Stephanie Hayes
    Chloë Sevigny
    Scott Shepherd
    Eleanor Friedberger
    Ean Sheehy
    Emily Tremaine

  • "Exemplifies the best qualities of a genuine indie: a spirited, intelligent, ambitious and more than a little reckless endeavor which transcends its extremely modest means through sheer invention.”

    — Giovanni Marchini Camia, Filmmaker Magazine
  • "Totally infectious. Incredibly funny."

    — Chloe Lizotte, Screen Slate
  • "A tour de force."

    — Tony Pipolo, Artforum

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