Pictures of Ghosts

Pictures of Ghosts

Kleber Mendonça Filho / 2023 / 93 / Brazil

Brazil’s official selection for the 2024 Academy Awards, PICTURES OF GHOSTS, from acclaimed director Kleber Mendonca Filho (BACURAU, AQUARIUS and NEIGHBORING SOUNDS), is a multidimensional journey through time, sound, architecture and filmmaking, set in the urban landscape of Recife, Brazilian coastal capital of Pernambuco: a historical and human territory, examined through the great movie theatres that served as spaces of conviviality during the 20th century. Having hosted dreams and progress, these places have also embodied a major transformation on social practices. Combining archive documentary, mystery, film clips and personal memories, PICTURES OF GHOSTS is a map of a city through the lens of cinema.


A Grasshopper Film and Gratitude Films Co-Release.

  • Director

    Kleber Mendonça Filho

  • Producer

    Emilie Lesclaux

  • “Triumphant! As with Godard and Paris, Fellini and Rome, Scorsese and New York, Mendonca Filho is a filmmaker whose craft is deeply intertwined with his love of a city. What a beautiful thing.”

    — Rafaela Sales Ross, Playlist
  • “A deeply personal, intricately constructed meditation… There’s an elegiac cast to PICTURES OF GHOSTS — most of the once-bustling cinemas are now derelict as are his old stamping grounds — yet the vigor of the filmmaking is a testament to how our beloveds never truly leave us.”

    — Manohla Dargis, The New York Times
  • “A heartfelt love letter to filmmaking and film watching the world over.”

    — Lee Marshall, Screen
  • “A celebration… full of hope and wonder. An urgent, moving piece of preservation.”

    — Guiherme Jacobs, IndieWire