Notes on an Appearance

United States / 2018 / 60 minutes / NR

A young man’s disappearance is at the center of an enigmatic, haunted film set inside New York City apartments, subway stations, bookstores, and cafés as the supporters of an elusive political theorist embark on a covert program of indiscriminate violence and censure. But Todd and Madeleine, who search for the missing David, soon enter the company of strangers promising diversion and intrigue, and the reasons for David’s disappearance become much less preoccupying — and less meaningful.

  • Director

    Ricky D'Ambrose

  • Producer

    Graham Swon

  • Cast

    Bingham Bryant
    Keith Poulson
    Tallie Medel

  • "An anti-mystery in the tradition of L’Avventura assembled with the cool reserve of Robert Bresson."

    — Calum Marsh, Village Voice
  • "Runs a concise 60 minutes and never wastes a frame. D’Ambrose imports the precision of Robert Bresson into an acerbic, cosmopolitan milieu, resulting in a fascinating little movie about people trapped by the details of everyday life and searching for a bigger picture that constantly eludes them."

    — Eric Kohn, Indiewire
  • “With rigor and precision [and a] classical aesthetic. Like a quirkier Bresson, without the Catholic ennui."

    — Greg Cwik, Slant Magazine
  • "An aesthetically bold first feature from a guiding intelligence. In the same lineage as Robert Bresson and Straub/Huillet."

    — David Perrin, Berlin Film Journal
  • "D’Ambrose’s ardent intellectualism is a sublime comedic mask."

    — Richard Brody, The New Yorker