Minamata Mandala

Minamata Mandala

Japan / 2020 / 372 min. / NR

Filmed over 15 years, this epic three-part documentary by Kazuo Hara (The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On) chronicles the history of struggle for a community in southern Japan suffering from “Minamata disease”—a debilitating neurological disease caused by methylmercury poisoning from the consumption of fish contaminated by industrial wastewater—as they continue the decades-long battle for legal recognition and reparations from the government. Both a deeply humanizing portrait of resilience and a comprehensive history of one of the worst pollution-related tragedies in human history, Minamata Mandala gives voice to the many survivors, care providers, researchers, and supporters tirelessly fighting for visibility.

  • Director

    Kazuo Hara

  • Producer

    Sachiko Kobayashi

  • "Kazuo Hara—considered his generation’s documentary master—displays headstrong patience and allegiance to his subjects, something that has become characteristic of his late-career period of prolific filmmaking."

    — International Film Festival Rotterdam
  • "Tremendously inspiring."

    — Ren Scateni, Hyperallergic