Dominican Republic / 2017 / 106 minutes / NR

Alberto, an Evangelical Christian and gardener working in the city, returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his father, who was killed by a powerful local figure. Asked to remain so as to take part in the traditional mourning rituals, he comes to understand that he is expected to avenge his father’s murder.

  • Director

    Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias

  • Producer

    Fernando Santos Díaz

  • Cast

    Vicente Santos
    Judth Rodríguez
    Yuberbi de la Rosa

  • "Rare is the feature film from the Dominican Republic, for sure, but even rarer is a film like Cocote. Nelson Carlo de Los Santos Arias’ fascinating opus [is] made under the dual sign of Glauber Rocha and Roberto Bolaño."

    — Mark Peranson, Cinema Scope
  • "A musically and culturally rich tale of revenge. Bold but never overly indulgent."

    — Jordan Cronk, Film Comment
  • "De Los Santos Arias’s rapturous, intimate camera is particularly effective in capturing real-life rituals. [The] filmmaker brings to life a universe that is at once strange yet pulses with familiar passions."

    — Ela Bittencourt, Frieze

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