Zhao Liang / 2015 / 90 minutes / China

Beginning with a mining explosion in Mongolia and ending in a ghost city west of Beijing, political documentarian Zhao Liang’s visionary new film Behemoth details, in one breathtaking sequence after another, the social and ecological devastation behind an economic miracle that may yet prove illusory.


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  • Critic's Pick! "A feat of pictorial storytelling… Its haunting power grows in retrospect — as if you’ve returned from a journey and can’t believe what you’ve seen."

    The New York Times
  • "Colossal in scope... Behemoth seems to shudder with the destructive power of invisible, ubiquitous, and cruelly indifferent authority."

    The New Yorker
  • "it's powerful declaration of China's corrupt practices, and it's also Liang's masterpiece."

  • "Four Stars! A beautiful and harrowing movie."
  • "Stunningly lensed, cumulatively moving. Unquestionably Zhao’s most accomplished film."

  • "A remarkable, powerful film. Visually, this breathtaking film reminds us, at times, of Sebastiao Salgado’s photographs of Brazilian miners."

  • "So haunting and poetic are Zhao's images that once seen, they are likely to lodge deep in the psyche of the viewer, to be later excavated and re-examined in dreams."

    CityLab (The Atlantic)
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